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Azarak Holding set to work on economic development services in the following fields utilizes experienced personnel and logistics facilities and use of knowledge in the world was established. The complex consists of the following three companies. Iranian company Pvrchysta - active in development (roads, buildings, offshore structures). Caspian AIPAC - active in the import and export of food. GSM Gateway Consulting - Legal and financial investment in domestic and foreign affairs. Set in work experience with the implementation of various projects, services in the provinces has left lasting worth and this has the potential to collaborate with employers and public and private investments and projects into QC, PC and EPCF run. Given that in today's world, the mystery of progress and business development, in addition to knowledge, communicate online in a variety of fields are updated, the series feel it's important to establish a company-wide communication in the completion of their subsets in order to work in the field of internet marketing and communications also been investing in tourism and conferences to full load, interaction and cooperation with marketing and branding professionals and iT branches as part of its basic actions and programs and steps in order to participate in the development of business in the country would be honored to be effective and to exchange ideas and new thinking, working closely with professionals and companies involved.